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Centrify 20.2 Release Notes

2 October,21 at 04:33 AM

New Features - Centrify Privileged Access Service

Centrify External Credential Storage Plugin for ServiceNow MID Server

Solutions, like ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM), make use of the ServiceNow MID Server to perform inventory and orchestration tasks. The Centrify External Credential Storage Plugin is a MID Server integration for ServiceNow's ITOM applications. For example, ServiceNow Discovery can use the account credentials from the Centrify Privileged Access Service vault to scan the network and collect information on Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers in an environment.

This release of the Centrify External Credential Storage Plugin for ServiceNow MID Server will allow:
  • ServiceNow MID Servers to retrieve local account credentials from the Centrify Privileged Access Service vault.
  • Secure inventory discovery and orchestration by leveraging vaulted credentials.

More information on our partnership with ServiceNow can be found at  

End of Life Notification

This section contains notifications for upcoming termination of apps, features, programmatic access or device support.
  • The Linux agents no longer support SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 or Ubuntu 14.04.


The following list records issues resolved in this release and behavior changes.
  • For enhanced security, the Centrify platform now enforces a NULL origin check (see the Security section of the release notes for more information), and this breaks any application making API calls without origin information, such as the 19.1 version of the syslogwriter SIEM application. To continue using the 19.1 version of syslogwriter, explicitly disable this check in security settings, otherwise switch to the 20.2 version of the application.
  • Offline login once again works with the Windows cclient, it did not function with the 20.1 release (CC-73763).
  • Additional indexes have been added to some tables. Name, starttime and jobid indexes have been added to the pvreport table, and collectiontype has been added as an index to the collections table (CC-74317).
  • The limit to the number of subnet mappings you can see in the System Subnet Mapping list has been increased from 100 to 1,000 (CC-74137).
  • Tenant URLs can no longer be created using a tenant ID as the prefix, for example "AAA0101-my-tenant" (CC-72808).
  • Systems can now be added manually, or through import, to the vault and used by the ServiceNow integration. Previously, manually added systems were added to the vault but could not be seen by ServiceNow (CC-73605).
  • Resolved an issue where a policy definition could be created in such a way that it would prevent a profile from being deleted (CC-72623).
  • Optimized the performance of the connector in the case where there are operations waiting on many systems because the systems were unreachable. Systems were addressed in sequence and could cause, for example, password checkouts to take a long time (CC-73720).
  • Reports exported to CSV are no longer truncated when there are more than 1,024 characters in the report (CC-73766).
  • Resolved an issue when using a backslash in username hint text in Login Customization - two backslashes were shown despite only one having been entered (CC-73736).

Upcoming Changes

The following changes relate to the Centrify spin off its Apps and Endpoint services to Idaptive.  These functionalities will change as part of our 20.3 release where we will no longer have Idaptive code base. 
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