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KB-16493: When smart card is required for login, unable to run privileged commands with dzdo

Authentication Service ,   Smart Card Service ,  

2 October,21 at 04:34 AM


When smart card login is enforced on a system via the setting 'rhel.smartcard.login.force: true' in the /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf, privileged commands run with dzdo, that require re-authentication immediately fail.
[smartcarduser@filesvr06 ~]$ dzdo adreload
Smart card login is required!
Sorry, try again.
Smart card login is required!
Sorry, try again.
Smart card login is required!
dzdo: 3 incorrect password attempts



The current dzdo pam stack will not recognize smart cards for authentication.


There are a couple of options to workaround this issue:

1.  If possible, set the re-authentication required option to No for the privileged command.
In Access Manager, under the zone where the computer is joined go to Authorization, Unix Right Definitions, Commands and right click on the privilege command that is being run and failing.
Choose properties and go to the attributes tab. 
Select the 'No re-authentication required' radio button.
Click Apply, the OK.

Privilege command, no re-authentication required setting

2. Use the following knowledge base article to modify the dzdo pam stack to be able to use the smart card pin for authentication.