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KB-2727: How to migrate SQL databases associated with a Centrify_DirectManage Audit installation from one database server to another

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

7 December,21 at 11:03 PM

How does one migrate databases associated with a Centrify DirectManage Audit installation from one SQL database server to another?

Please check the attached document which has the step by step process to migrate databases associated with a Centrify DirectManage Audit installation from one database server to another.

At a high level, the steps are:

  1. Stop all the collectors.
  2. Take backup of existing databases (optional but recommended)
  3. Exporting the SCP objects to a text file before you begin the migration by running this command:
    ldifde -f DASCPs.ldif -r "(cn=vegas-installation*)
  4. Detach the existing databases and attach them to the new database server.
  5. Ensure that CLR integration is enabled on the new database server.
  6. Restore the TRUSTWORTHY flag.
  7. Modify the newly attached Audit Server database.
  8. Restore connection between Management database and Audit Store database.
  9. Update the database entries in Active Directory.
  10. Start all the collectors.

Also, verify if 'sa' is the owner.  If 'sa' is not the owner of the database, you can run the following query command to set 'sa' account as the owner:


User-added image

Keywords: migrate SQL database changedbowner sa

Once the above steps are completed, do below steps on the SQL database server:

A. Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 20xx > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager. 

Expand SQL Server 20xx Network Configuration > double click Protocols for DIRECTAUDIT > Please make sure TCP/IP is Enabled 

B. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Service, right-click on SQL Server (DIRECTAUDIT) to start/restart the server. 

C. Check Trusted Collectors is correctly configured in Audit Store and any Allowed incoming Collectors in the database. 

D. The collector server and the database server should be part of the same AD forest. 

E. See if the AD domain name matches the issue described in: 

KB-2516: Centrify DirectAudit fails to resolve the Fully Qualified Domain Name for the SQL server