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KB-51964:Upgrade to Oracle ODP.NET library required for Centrify Privileged Access Service release 21.4

Privileged Access Service ,  

2 October,21 at 04:36 AM

Starting with the release of Privileged Access Service version 21.4, customers managing Oracle database accounts will need to update the Oracle ODP.NET library to the latest version. 

Once Centrify Cloud Platform version 21.4 is released, an updated 21.4 version of the Centrify Connector will be offered. Depending on how the connector is configured, the update will occur automatically or manually. To prevent any downtime, prior to the Centrify Connector being updated version to 21.4, the Oracle ODP.NET library must be updated to the latest version. Note, when updating the Oracle ODP.NET library, the older version should not be overwritten to maintain vaulting functionality with the 21.3 release until 21.4 is released.

There are two options to achieve this:
1.  The ODP.NET library can be installed after the 21.4 connector upgrade, however vaulting for the Oracle database account will not to function until ODP.NET library is upgraded.

2.  In order to avoid downtime, it is possible to install the new ODP.NET library before the 21.4 release. NOTE that the new ODP.NET library needs to be installed in a different folder than the old library, so both old and new versions of the ODP.NET library can co-exist.

Here are the instructions on how to install the ODP.NET library as a courtesy. Please check the below steps with your Oracle expert to make sure they will address the issue on your environment:
1. Download ODAC 64-bit ODAC 19.3 from Oracle Technology Network:
Go to ODAC XCOPY download 64-bit ODAC 19.3:
2. Unzip the 64-bit ODAC 19.3 zip file.
3. Open Command Prompt with "Run as administrator". Go to the folder of the unzipped files, run the following command. This would install both the x86 and x64 drivers to the path "c:\oracle".


install.bat odp.net4 c:\oracle odac

3. After installation, manually install the ODP.NET dll in the GAC using the OraProvCfg.exe utility that comes with the library and run the commands below one by one:

CD C:\oracle\\managed\x64

OraProvCfg /action:config /product:odpm /frameworkversion:v4.0.30319 /providerpath:"C:\oracle\\managed\common\Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll" /set:settings\TNS_ADMIN:"C:\oracle\network\admin"

OraProvCfg /action:gac /providerpath:"C:\oracle\\managed\common\Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll"

OraProvCfg /action:gac /providerpath:"C:\oracle\\PublisherPolicy\4\Policy.4.122.Oracle.DataAccess.dll"